kenwood tk 880

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    Kenwood TK-880 Questions..

    So, I just got this Kenwood TK-880-1 Ver 2.0 UHF radio, Link to the radio, and I wanted to ask a few questions.. I have a TK-940, and a 840, and they don't transmit, program, or receive. I was wondering if this unit will be the same due to it's age? Is there a function to field program it...
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    Kenwood TK 880 blank screen???

    I need some help with this one. I have a kenwood tk 880-1 uhf 450-490mhz. I recently programmed the radio with my county's frequencies. The radio accepts the code plug with no problem. Now here comes the tricky part. When I go to power off the radio and power it back on it gives me a blank...
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    Kenwood Tk 880 help

    I have a kenwood tk 880 with the band split of 485-512mhz. Is it possible to change the band split to 450-490mhz. I tried programming the radio with this band split. the programming took but when i key the radio mic up i hear a loud beep and it wont transmit. Is it possible to change the band...