1. scanthewaves

    BCD386xt Keypad unresponsive.

    I’ve had this unit for at least 8 years, bought second hand, have never had any problems, suddenly the keypad is not responding and when on either dc or ac it powers on on its own, seems like some kind damage or malfunction. I hooked it up to Freescale and it works fine I tried the F keypad lock...
  2. B

    Pro95 keypad locked

    My scanner keypad is locked and I can't get it to unlock, reset or initialize. I hit the reset button on the side and tried other suggestions. Anything that requires hitting a key will not work. Any suggestions???
  3. milcom_chaser

    BCD325P2 Keypad replacement Was: UPman

    Hello Paul, Can we make these membrane keypads available up on Uniden's website under accessories for the 325P2 units that are out of warranty? Would be very helpful. Thank You.
  4. M

    Manual input of names on scanner

    The DMR previews have highlighted the tedious nature of inputting names manually on a Uniden scanner. The only features provided when inputting names of the scanner are the ability to go back and forwards using the 4 and 6 keys, and scroll thru a long list of characters, many of which are in no...
  5. 1

    How to fix PSR-500, Pro-106, Pro-651 Keypad

    Just an informational post, if anyone has a scanner with a worn out keypad that won't register key hits, here is a video on how to repair them. Pretty easy and cheap! This should also be the same type of procedure for pretty much any handheld scanner.
  6. B

    Radio Shack Pro 95 Key Pad Replacement

    I have a Radio Shack Pro 95 scanner and I need a replacement keypad. I searched Amazon, E-bay and Google, but have had no luck. Any ideas?
  7. B

    Cleaning a yellow keypad?

    Just picked up a used Pro-197 for a pretty good deal. Seems to work fine, but the keypad has yellowed considerably. I was thinking of ordering a new keypad (or key top) but according to some other posts, no more of those parts are available. Anyone have any solutions to restore the original...
  8. T

    PR400 Limited to Full Keypads

    Hello all! I have a scenario that I'm looking for some help on. I have 2 PR400's, one is a limited keypad, one is a full keypad. I know that everything needed to convert the limited keypad to a full keypad is already in the radio, however, I can't seem to get the keypad to work at all, only the...
  9. BLAH

    BCD396XT Keypad Locked !

    Hello all, I am having a problem with my BCD396XT. I bought it new from Scanner Master in July of 2009, (dam the warranty is up!) I have never had a problem until now. The keypad will not function, its like the keypad lock is on (eg: only the power key works) all the time, however I have turned...