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  1. W

    Setup for BCT15X, King County, WA

    Curious if any BCT15X users in Washington State could help me out. Looking for config files to program King County. This scanner is the most confusing radio I've ever used. Thanks in advance!
  2. E

    King County Fire & EMS - Northeast Feed Missing

    In the last few weeks, this feed has gone offline and now shows up as invalid. King County Fire and EMS - Northeast. There is now no feed in cities east of Seattle to get fire and EMS info. Any idea when this will be back or if it will be replaced?
  3. V

    Pro-106: Just got back up and running again, having an issue where signal lock, but no audio

    Hi everyone, So I just got back into my Pro-106 got it all updated and uploaded what I wanted with Win500. So I'm trying to monitor some areas in King County, Washington Renton and Tukwila Seattle Bellevue and Newcastle So I see it scanning and I have led colors assigned to areas, and...
  4. G

    King County New Radio System-Need New Scanner?

    With the recent passage of voters approving a new radio system for King County, Washington, I am wondering if this means they are going digital and my TrunkTracker II BC346XT will no longer be of use? I have search for specifics on the updated radio system and was not able to locate info on the...
  5. R

    King County Auditor's Report on PSERN

    Back in late October, the Bellevue Reporter ran an article about PSERN seeking a levy lid lift for $225 million to finance the new system (article: County to seek levy lid lift to fund regional radio system replacement - Bellevue Reporter). Unknown to most, the King County Auditor's Office put...
  6. R

    South King County

    I've had Scanners since back when you had to buy the individual Crystals and make sure you put the right color wires in the correct places, to get UHF or VHF. etc. I was much younger then! My Radio Shack scanner that I have in the car is one that I programmed, and input in the talk group...
  7. martidav

    Unknown Talkgroup

    Have a RS Pro-107 monitoring Seattle/King Trunk. 3415 21431 popped up and I can't find on this site, nor Based on the dispatcher voice of 3415, I can tell it's Seattle PD. 21431 I'm thinking Bellevue based on voice and numbering. Also, 37043. If you know these, could you...
  8. martidav

    NW Freq. Dir vs.

    I see some site/control freq. discrepancies between this website and the NW Frequency Dir. I'm not sure which source is correct. Obviously trying each frequency is the answer but it's a pain with the RS Pro-107 I was given as a gift (pulling the SD card in and out - making sure it's written to).
  9. S

    Pro-97 around King Co?

    Hi! I was curious if anyone else had a radio shack type model that can successfully pick up the King Co trunked system? Specifically the Eastside area and King Co Sheriff's Office dispatch? I've tried a few different things but I'm a novice and have something wrong because nothing from King Co...