1. BlueDevil

    Heavy Duty Headset for BK KNG Radio

    I am looking for some heavy duty single muff headsets that we can use with our BK KNG-P150 radios. It is very difficulty to find headsets that are compatible with the KNG style accessory port. I would even be staffed with finding an adapter that would attach to the KNG and convert the accessory...
  2. J

    Bendix/King KX99

    I have a Bendix/King KX99 that will not remember the memory and needs the super capacitor replaced. Additionally, sometimes the LCD is half dimmed cutoff halfway where top is missing and lower is there. I'd like to replace the memory capacitor, can you provide me guidance as I don't have the...
  3. BlueDevil

    Repeater Double Kerchunk

    I recently setup a Bendix King Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater. Everything seems to be operating normally however we are getting a double kerchunk after transmitting through the repeater. I haven't been able to isolate the cause. However I do know that it's not normal because we have other...
  4. martidav

    NW Freq. Dir vs.

    I see some site/control freq. discrepancies between this website and the NW Frequency Dir. I'm not sure which source is correct. Obviously trying each frequency is the answer but it's a pain with the RS Pro-107 I was given as a gift (pulling the SD card in and out - making sure it's written to).
  5. S

    King County Sheriff

    I want to program my PRO-91 scanner to receive three talkgroups: King County Sheriff North, King County Tac-2, and King County Northwest. The DEC codes are, respectively: 23152, 23184, and 23344. I have no idea how to program these into my scanner. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!