1. H

    Can XE knobs be put on the APX6000?

    I have an APX6000 (non XE) and I find the channel and volume knobs too small. Can XE knobs be put on the APX6000?
  2. N

    Volume Knob?

    Hello, I recently got a Uniden TrunkTracker III scanner and the volume is just a golden half stick, it makes it difficult to turn the volume up and down gently, when I try it will often go too high or too low and it is getting annoying, not sure if the previous owner maybe broke/removed the...
  3. kc8mln

    Motorola Saber: Replacement Knobs NEEDED!

    Does anyone have a source for NEW replacement knobs for the Motorola Saber series? We are looking to get BOTH the Channel and Volume replacement knobs that are NEW and NOT old stock... we are tired of pulling them off of other radios to have them still brittle and break and crack, so we need a...
  4. S

    MT 1500 Knob issues

    I just started over seeing our communication and we upgraded a few years ago to MT 1500’s. I am wondering if anyone else has had issues with the channel knob not staying seated. The problem being that the radio will switch back in forth between different talk groups and not receive all...