knox county

  1. N2AL

    Updated Knox County Med Channels

    Can anyone supply an updated list of frequencies and tones for the Knox County Med Channels? I am looking information for Med 1-9 and Med 102, and other EMS channels in the area. The current list I have is outdated, and the frequencies on the RR Database reflect the old frequencies which are now...
  2. Kilmer

    Rebanding for Knox County Indiana

    Beginning Oct. 7 through Oct. 11, Knox County and the cities of Vincennes and Bicknell will undergo rebanding on their 800 Mhz system. I'm wonder if my Pro 96 will survive this new banding?
  3. L

    Knox Co Fire Tones

    I don't know if it was on this site or not, but I'm trying to find the alert tone numbers for Knox Co TN fire. Any body know where I can get them? Thanks JL
  4. S

    Question on Vincesnnes Freqs.

    Hello, I live in princeton (IN) and know that Knox Co. pokice are on trunk channels. I used to be able to get them but now nothing. Can anyone who may live in Gibson County,especially Princeton can get them or may have any Vincennes PD frequencies other than the trunk 800 or the old...