1. jwheatley

    Howard County P25 Update

    P-25 radio project nearing completion
  2. KokomoScanner

    Kokomo / Howard Co Public Safety Feed Outage

    Whomever was providing the feed for Kokomo, Howard Co Indiana stopped last month. Anyone know why? Are there drawbacks to providing a feed that would cause a problem to the volunteer?? Any insight appreciated. Jeff
  3. imabusyma

    Thank you Howard Co., IN volunteer!

    I live in Kokomo, IN. Our feed was down for quite a long time as the previous volunteer stopped providing feed. I'm not sure if the old provider started providing feed again or if we have a new volunteer in this area. I just want to say thank you, whoever you are, for stepping up to volunteer to...
  4. T

    Kokomo BC296D

    Looking for help programing rebanded APCO25 BC296D....had a scanner when was a child and now Disabled Veteran in need of some familar things.......these things are a technical nightmare...would like to find a local person to program my radio...any help would be great......TKS
  5. emt0068

    Scanner offline kokomo indiana

    Who do I let know about the scanner being OFFLINE???? Love listening to the local station, it has been down since yesterday......Thanks....EMT0068