1. Irontail

    TK-7160 import from TK-7180 problem

    I am new to the forum. I have searched this forum for my answer with no success. I have a large amount of channels in a TK-7180 mobile that I want to get into a TK-7160. I have the newest KPG-89D v1.61 for the TK-7180 and KPG-99D v1.55 for the TK-7160. I can read and write to both no...
  2. S

    tk-3180 k3 questions, need help?

    ok, so now i'm looking for a program cable and software. correct me if i'm wrong i think i need the kpg-36um cable for 64bit system, and i've looked and all i find is kpg-36 or kpg-36u (are these the same cables?) some have USB ( : SECUDA High Quality USB Programming*Cable For...
  3. G

    Kenwood TK-8180 Firmware

    Hello all, I have recently obtained a TK-8180H. I have been recently trying to learn about the programming with KPG-89D Version 1.6. Now more recently I have come across some posts about MDC1200 firmware update. So, my question is: Does anyone have...