1. G

    Most Current Software and Firmware for Kenwood TK-5820?

    Later today I have to program 2 Kenwood TK-5820's. What is the most current software/firmware? I have KPG-112D v2.01 and KPG-112DN v2.33 Should either of these work? I am unsure about firmware on radios but they are fairly new. I deal with Motorola much more often and rarely do I program...
  2. wcoriston

    TK890H Will not allow read or write.

    Good afternoon all. I have a peculiar read/write issue and I'm flat out stumped. Our rescue engine has a Kenwood TK890H drawer with dual full function heads (One in the cab and one at the pump panel). No matter what I do I cannot successfully read or write to the radio. Every attempt gets about...
  3. C

    TK-5710 Programming HELP

    Im am attempting to program my TK-5710 - V.3. I have the software KPG-95DG (K3)? After setting up the Com Port and attempting to read- the radio switches to "Program" as seen on the LCD screen and the computer thinks about it, but maintains 0/3259 Blocks... Then Error, Check the Connection...
  4. Z

    KPG-1DN License Transfer

    Is there a way to transfer the license for the KPG-1DN software to another laptop or is it like the radio keys where once its associated, you cannot transfer it.
  5. M

    KPG-22 Programming Cable Schematics

    Hello all: I was wondering if anyone had schematics on the KPG-22 usb programming cable. I've done a search on the net, and all I can really find are plans for the serial cables. Any information or help in the matter would be appreciated. Thanks, Methus