la county fire

  1. matty909


    I am still in search of a updated list of la county fire tones, preferably Battalion 19 Battalion 15 and Bonelli Park lifeguards or any other updated tones, the ones listed in RadioReference Wiki are out of date and some do not work due to changes I've only used the copter tones and USAR 103 but...
  2. spectr17

    New White and Blue radio setup at Henniger Flats. LA CO FD

    The new White and Blue radio setup at Henniger Flats above Pasadena CA. This replaced 2 old Motorola Syntor radios. This is a LA County fire station that does the wood/brush testing for the fire index report every afternoon. How dry is the chaparral report. Blue radio is what fire dispatches on...
  3. spectr17

    LA County Fire new station SCU alert unit

    Got a peek at the new SCU that will be going into LA County FD stations. This unit is still in test mode. New touch screen flat panels to replace the ancient monochrome monitors. This is a 2 panel setup for BC stations that get the OT alerts. Bottom shelf is a 10 hr UPS with the battery in...