1. J

    Lake County Ohio

    So last week, I was happily listening to my scanner for Lake County ohio. Now, for the past 4 days, I cannot get any signals, and I noticed the Online feed is down as well. Does anyone know what is going on? Has there been a change of frequencies again? Thanks
  2. mgolden2

    Army Corp of Engineers

    Can someone give me the frequency and NAC for the Army Corp of Engineers at Truman Lake (Warsaw, MO) and/or Lake of the Ozarks? I believe they went digital a couple years ago. Seems like I remember hearing or seeing someone say that the Truman Lake area is in the Kansas City region, but for...
  3. S

    Lake Ouachita & Lake Hamilton Freq???

    Looking for water patrol freq. for Lake Ouachita & Lake Hamilton???
  4. M

    Island Lake PD - any updates

    Hello, new member here and also new Island Lake resident. I have been browsing around on the topic of scanning the Island Lake PD. Nobody seems to know where they went, and haven't seen any discussion on the topic in 3 or 4 months. One note on the Lake County EDACS page says "Island Lake PD...
  5. N

    Lake County Fire & EMS feed

    Any reason for it being offline? I enjoy listening to it