land mobile radio

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    Trunking systems ins and outs

    Can anybody educate me on these systems more than the wikis show? Like the process of building these systems, managing, the required amount of frequencies to function (input and output), control channels, modes, and systems that could work with it, pseudo trunking, and more? The reason I ask is...
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    Kenwood NX-1000 series

    In the Kenwood catalog, there are versions of the NX-1000 series, one under business radios designated as NX-P1000 (ProTalk), and one under land mobile radios designated as NX-1000 (no P in the model name). I’m wondering what the differences between these models are, if any.
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    Super-Shuttle DIA Frequencies, anyone?

    I have a question: Does anyone know what frequencies are used by the Super Shuttle from DIA? I have assumed they might've been in the 460-470 MHZ Range, on the business band sections of that slice of spectrum, but is there anyone here in Colorado that can confirm what I have just wrote? Or are...