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    Help about LRRP : how to change map's language

    Hi to everyone I'm a french DSD & LRRP user and I'm going to China in a few weeks In order to use these softwares in that country, I would like to DL maps but all is written in chinese language :-S Does one of you know how to get the french version (e.g : Pékin) or, at least, the english one...
  2. J

    DPD / DFD / EMS Code Language

    I have been reading some posts on the various PD/FD/EMS "10-" codes, Denver District IDs, and other Code #'s. Thank you all who posted to the links listed below. As a curious listener, I have figured out most of these, but I am wondering if anyone out there can direct me to a comprehensive...
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    Houston Codes

    Does anybody know what any of the 10 codes that are used by the Houston Police Department? I hear all kinds of stuff that I do not understand and have been trying to figure out these little codes for about a year and a half. Also they use Code 1 (which I think means respond with no lights and no...