1. G

    Lafourche Parish TGIDs LWIN

    I have found some TGID's that are not in the database for Lafourche Parish 700 mhz LWIN system This is from the LAFEOP radios that we have [TAG] [TGID] [ Description] 15 LPG-EVENT-1 33567 All Agency Special Event Channel 16 LPG-EVENT-2 33568 All Agency...
  2. kevins669

    Louisiana Wireless Information Network (LWIN) Discussion

    The governing authority has adopted the name Louisiana Wireless Information Network, or LWIN, for the statewide 700/800 MHz P25 communications system. As such, all references to the former name, "LATIE," should not be used, and will be updated on RadioReference on next touch. This new thread...