1. M

    DMR / P25 in Laughlin / Bullhead City area

    Hey all, I'm heading to Laughlin, NV./Bullhead City, AZ. in a couple of weeks. I'm wondering if there's a DMR or P25 repeater that covers that area? I've looked at the DMR maps online, but they show nothing from about Palm Springs CA to Phoenix or Vegas. Hoping someone has more...
  2. R

    Laughlin Casinos

    I'm going to be in Laughlin for several weeks working on a project and just saw that the casino we're staying in has gone digital. Does anyone know if it's DMR or other and are the frequencies the same or have they changed. Trying to determine if it will be worth it to pack a scanner for the...
  3. B

    Great scanning experience to share

    So this holiday weekend I stayed with the in-laws in Laughlin, NV, which for thoes unaware is a small town on the Colorado River bordering NV and AZ and has 6 or 7 casinos in a row along the river. We were staying on the 14th floor with an awesome view of the river, all of the casinos, and most...
  4. KF7RAY

    Southern NSRS confirmations?

    Can anyone confirm the following updates so the NSRS DB can be updated? I don't feel like driving down south just for this! ;) I found the updated information, but it needs to be confirmed before the entries can be changed. 9012 (2334) Christmas Tree Pass (Laughlin,NV): 01 851.2875 02 851.8750...