1. S

    LCRA P25 San Marcos

    Have some updates to the San Marcos P25 site along with talkgroups I could use some help identifying. Control freq: 774.79375 Voice: 773.29375, 773.58125, 774.04375, 774.32500 Over a 17 hour period: # Talkgroup Frequency Analysis # PCT Count TGID Description 35.967 6101 5534 Hays Co...
  2. K9ROD

    Kendall County Boerne Texas Help

    Anyone out there in this area? I just purchased a Uniden BCD436HP. I've created a favorites list for this area. So far I don't think I've heard any Boerne PD traffic. Is it dispatched on the same channel as the county? If so, does anyone know the break down of the unit numbers, ie. 8509 or...
  3. U

    Hays County LCRA

    Working with some towing companies that are saying LCRA has gone digital in Hays County with a new system. Has anyone heard, or have any info on this? Thanks for the help.
  4. D

    Bastrop County Question

    I am working on a file for the Austin area. I know that Bastrop County uses the GATRRS system. My question is the talkgroups for Bastrop County on the LCRA 900 MHz system still being used? Thanks Don
  5. M

    Help needed: BC396T and LCRA

    Hello - I have a new BC396T (with latest F/W) - when I select an LCRA group from the default load it does not find the control channel - I get a "Finding Ctrl Channel" message on the display screen - yet when I check the actual frequencies loaded they seem to be correct. Is there some setting...