1. S

    New here! Had a couple questions.

    So to start off my name is Swasp and I'm new to this forum and I wanted to ask a couple of questions related to radios and things similar. So I understand that using certain low frequency radios requires a licence and I wanted to know how do you obtain one? Second question: If I wanted to...
  2. T

    Problem with South Metro/Littleton Fire Rescue?

    I'm listening from afar, but it seems we're no longer hearing Littleton, Englewood and South Metro Fire/Rescue on the South Metro channel. I'm only hearing Elbert county. Is there a problem? Former Arapahoe County native, now living in Washington, DC.
  3. Northerner71

    Trunk88 Question?

    I just tapped a Pro 70 and am now using it to feed my Trunk88, my question is, what do the "clip" and "LFR" headings mean? I have Clip:48 and LFR:97. It does change periodically, I have no idea what they are.