life flight

  1. A

    Air Medical Ops - Charlotte

    I saw a couple of LZ channels and Helicopter calling channels on the Charlotte P25 system. I was wondering which talkgroups/freqs I should monitor if I want to hear life flight/medevac operations in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Thanks.
  2. BamaScan

    Med Helicopters in Panhandle

    I have been trying to find the following med helicopters radio frequencies in the Panhandle of Florida. LifeFlight and Air Heart. I am mainly looking for Escambia, Santa Rosa, okaloosa and Walton County. I found Lifeguard on 460.825, but no others. Since Air Methods took over I can't find them...
  3. qlajlu

    Life Flight Celebrates 30 Years

    KSL News Video & Story