1. 5stormchasers

    2011 Chevy Impala Firerighter/EMR Pov Install

    Install pics of my Chevy Impala. Feniex 4200 mini controller for all lights. Feniex Cannon hideaway red/white in the reverse lights also function as back up lights. When I put the car in reverse, the white leds come on. Much brighter than factory bulbs. Very simple, just cut the power wire to...
  2. BlueDevil

    PM1500 Control Head Lights

    The indicator lights and the backlight on my Motorola PM1500 Control Head do not seem to be working. Any ideas?
  3. w2xq

    NJ Traffic Light Cameras Get the Red Light

    Looks like a number of communities have been playing with the lights. Lessee... red means slow, yellow means stomp on it. Smile and say cheese... N.J. traffic cameras get the red-light | Courier-Post | You can't make this stuff up.
  4. S

    Orion Transmit and Siren Light Problem

    I am experiencing 2 problems with a recent Orion acquisition. I purchased a Low Band Orion with the Systems Control Head. 1) When the radio is powered on, it immediately goes into transmit mode. After depressing the mic key, it will stop transmitting and go into normal operation. 2) The Siren...
  5. VE5JL


    I just picked up a Pro-2021 and I noticed the display isn't lit up. I have a second one that I've had for years and the display works great. Is there a way to fix this with lights or do I have to change the display? If anyone has experience with this scanner let me know. THX in advance.