lincoln county

  1. Airboss

    New - Lincolnton County EMS

    New - Lincoln County EMS I have been monitoring an NXDN 9600 baud system (RAN 0) on 154.415 MHz. Originally I thought this was a new system in Towns Co, but after 100s of hours of monitoring, I am shocked to find it is actually coming from Lincoln County, GA. Today they finally IDed the system...
  2. scanthewaves

    Apache Operations and Frequencies?

    So for the first time living here in Lincoln County for 3 years now, we just had not 2 but 4 helos fly over, they looked unmistakably like gun ships, my guess Apaches, I looked up the nearest ANG and it says it's in Portland but there are no Apaches based there from what I can see, maybe they...
  3. AK4FD

    Lincoln County Fire VHF

    I have a question y'all. I'm visiting family from out-of-state, and I am tuned in to Lincoln County Fire Dispatch. There have been several times today on calls where the FireFighters advised on the radio they were switching operations to Tac 2. However I am not able to find Tac 2 anywhere. I...
  4. scanthewaves

    What's up with Lincoln County System?

    Hello, what's going on with the county system, it's Saturday, I'm in Otis and traffic is dead except for OSP, and Lincoln PD, there is nothing on my scanner or the streams. Is there some kind of system failure/transition going on? Does anyone know what's up?
  5. AK4FD

    Lincoln County/Lincolnton??

    Is anybody monitoring Lincoln County Sheriff/Lincolnton PD or Highway Patrol for Lincoln County? I just had 12 patrol cars (mixed of Lincoln Sheriff, Lincolnton PD, & Highway Patrol) whizz passed me doing like 80+ MPH with blue lights/siren... Sounds pretty serious, was wondering if anyone...
  6. Bote

    Lincoln County ops beep

    What is the TouchTone 1 that beeps just before the Lincoln County operations repeater drops off the air? I'm not talking about the beep right after a mobile unit unkeys, but right before the repeater drops. Is that to allow listeners who scan to identify which channel just transmitted...