1. WX9RLT

    HF & Shortwave Frequencies

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had the most common and active frequencies the military uses in the shortwave bands? Thank you
  2. K

    Buying a Motorola Digital 2way radio for listening ?

    EDIT: I not just looking a Motorola radios it can be any brand. If I had like a Motorola Digital radio. and I programmed it with the the local police, fire, etc Freq. with is P25. Would that work. I know I would have to program DEC,HEX, Alpha Tags etc. so I can hear what I want/ or am I...
  3. R

    Problem with Mobile Live Audio

    ok soo i go to the website with my mobile phone and i click the listen icon and it pops up as unsupported content type. the phone i have is the metropcs samsung freeform. Suggestion: if ya'll dont have it set to support this fone can ya'll soo i can listen on the go. purdy plz