1. T

    Alpha tags not displaying

    I'm listening to the Albany City and Colonie Police Fire and EMS feed, which (usually) has alpha tags which I can see in Scanner Live on my computer, or on the 5-0 Radio iPhone app. This feed is really tricky to understand clearly because of how many agencies are on it, so the alpha tags are a...
  2. w2xq

    33rd NASWA Winter SWL Festival Feb 27-29, 2020

    NASWA Winter SWL Fest February 27-29, 2020 The 33rd -- yes, number 33 -- annual gathering of the faithful occurs in 2020 in Plymouth Meeting (a Philadelphia suburb), PA. If you are interested in listening including LW, MW, SWBC, utilities, amateur radio, scanning, satellites and all kinds of...
  3. S

    New to SW

    Hello all I am new to short wave listening and am looking for pointers. I have picked up a Realistic DX-380 and have made some attempts to listen but haven’t been successful yet. I would like to make an external antenna to improve reception but am unsure what to use to connect to the plug in...
  4. N

    monitoring with out a reciever!

    Greetings, I have found a site called where you can SWL without a radio, Its streamed over the web, I use this frequently due to the fact that I am a renter and my landlord is not exactly warm to the idea of me putting up an antenna or three.luckily I can get away with a 2 meter...
  5. O

    BCD536 Remote listening

    Remote listening This might be a dumb question but everything I have read talks about the ability to listen remotely to your scanner using a smart phone or tablet. So I am wondering if I will be able to access my scanner from my work computer (desktop) without having to install any software on...