live dispatch

  1. WindsorOntario

    What happened to Minneapolis & St. Paul feeds?

    It was nice to be able to listen to the activity in one of my favourite cities (Minneapolis)...I even downloaded an iPad app so I could listen to it, and now I notice that both the Minneapolis and Saint Paul feeds are gone. Does anyone know what happened? Is there a chance they might be...
  2. K

    Idaho Scanner laws and doing live scanner feeds

    I was thinking of doing a live feed of our local law enforcement, but it seems that it is illegal, or at least that is how I read it. your thoughts? Short of having a letter from the agencies authorizing such rebroadcast. TITLE 18 CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS CHAPTER 67 COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY...
  3. SShuster221

    Berks County, PA / Reading PA

    Listeners, would like to announce that we will have Berks County, PA and Reading, PA online within about a week or two. I would like to point out that both of these feeds will be separate and have there own scanner to run them. Reading will be on a BCD996T, Berks will be on a...