1. L

    Urgent - To All Lower Merion Residents

    URGENT To All Lower Merion Residents: Lower Merion Township Commissioner Josh Grimes is having discussions next week with the LMPD regarding the lack of transparency that will be created by the upcoming LMPD radio encryption. Commissioner Grimes understands the importance of open patrol radio...
  2. andrewyb

    LMPD Scanning

    Hi Friends, I just got a Uniden BCD396XT for christmas that allows me to jump into the world of trunk-tracking. Thanks to FreeSCAN I was able to pretty easily program by downloading data directly from RadioReference. Thank goodness for that feature. I need some advice from locals. Has MetroSafe...
  3. N

    Louisville KY LMPD

    Does anyone know what happened to the Louisville KY LMPD (Metro Police) feed? It's been gone for several weeks now and is no longer an option to select.