1. P

    Trunking systems ins and outs

    Can anybody educate me on these systems more than the wikis show? Like the process of building these systems, managing, the required amount of frequencies to function (input and output), control channels, modes, and systems that could work with it, pseudo trunking, and more? The reason I ask is...
  2. P

    For MURS/GMRS: what type of radio would work best for the job?

    What radio would be very useful and have great transmit and receive for either band; an LMR (type) radio or something cheap like a Wouxun or Midland? ofc both are on the same power levels (2w for MURS, and 5 to 50 watts for GMRS)
  3. K

    Portable Radio Transmits But Dispatch Can’t Hear

    I’m using a Kenwood NX-1200 AVK that I programmed to use on duty with the ambulance service I work for. I’m available to receive transmissions from dispatch and I can hear myself on the radios of other units when I transmit, but it seems that dispatch can’t hear me as I get no response when I...
  4. Gmork

    2018 Dodge Durango Install

    I installed a Motorola XPR5550 in my vehicle. I attached a handheld control head (HCH), which is kept the in the center console for easy storage. Radio chassis is mounted under the driver seat in a storage box. The vehicle battery is under the passenger seat in the same style box. I routed the...
  5. Irontail

    IC-F50V mute PTT 2-tone issue

    I am very new to the forum. I have searched all over the forum for a solution with no joy. Here is my problem. I have programmed my channel 1 in the F50V for our Fire Dept 2-tone page out. I have hit the tx inhibit and the "and" in the mute for ctcss tone. Everything works good, I dont hear...
  6. T

    IC-F9511 & IC-F9011 Technical References?

    Hi! I'm volunteer comms support for our county Search And Rescue. I just purchased new-to-me radios ICOM F9511 & F9011 I have downloaded everything I can from ICOM, but I cannot find anything technical. I would like to find a programming guide, menu guide, service manual, and...
  7. P

    Simplex radio interference concern

    Hello everyone, I am working on an LMR radio project near the NYC area. The goal is to extent the two way radio coverage from an existing site via a hybrid DAS system to a large warehouse environment using GTR8000 base stations to generate the many simplex VHF frequencies for the client's LMR...
  8. ExpatLMRGuy

    APX6000/SRX2200 Isolated TX Issue

    Hello guys and gals, this is my first post here so forgive me if I'm breaking any rules! I've been having an issue transmitting on a particular TDMA/FDMA DDM enabled Talkgroup. - CH 1 and CH 2 are under a single personality as two different talkgroups. We'll refer to CH 1 as "LMR" and CH 2 as...
  9. M

    Why LTE will replace LMR for public safety - Urgent Communications article

    Why LTE will replace LMR for public safety - Urgent Communications article A groundswell has emerged in support of the notion that provisioning mission-critical voice to first responders over broadband networks is a fait accompli — and that the eventual end of land-mobile radio is a certainty...
  10. N

    Part 90 VHF/UHF Narrowbanding Info

    For those involved, concerned, or interested in the FCC's Part 90 VHF/UHF narrowbanding mandate, check out the LMR Narrowbanding information and discussion group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LMR_Narrowbanding NR