1. K

    Portable Radio Transmits But Dispatch Can’t Hear

    I’m using a Kenwood NX-1200 AVK that I programmed to use on duty with the ambulance service I work for. I’m available to receive transmissions from dispatch and I can hear myself on the radios of other units when I transmit, but it seems that dispatch can’t hear me as I get no response when I...
  2. Gmork

    2018 Dodge Durango Install

    I installed a Motorola XPR5550 in my vehicle. I attached a handheld control head (HCH), which is kept the in the center console for easy storage. Radio chassis is mounted under the driver seat in a storage box. The vehicle battery is under the passenger seat in the same style box. I routed the...
  3. Irontail

    IC-F50V mute PTT 2-tone issue

    I am very new to the forum. I have searched all over the forum for a solution with no joy. Here is my problem. I have programmed my channel 1 in the F50V for our Fire Dept 2-tone page out. I have hit the tx inhibit and the "and" in the mute for ctcss tone. Everything works good, I dont hear...
  4. T

    IC-F9511 & IC-F9011 Technical References?

    Hi! I'm volunteer comms support for our county Search And Rescue. I just purchased new-to-me radios ICOM F9511 & F9011 I have downloaded everything I can from ICOM, but I cannot find anything technical. I would like to find a programming guide, menu guide, service manual, and...
  5. P

    Simplex radio interference concern

    Hello everyone, I am working on an LMR radio project near the NYC area. The goal is to extent the two way radio coverage from an existing site via a hybrid DAS system to a large warehouse environment using GTR8000 base stations to generate the many simplex VHF frequencies for the client's LMR...
  6. ExpatLMRGuy

    APX6000/SRX2200 Isolated TX Issue

    Hello guys and gals, this is my first post here so forgive me if I'm breaking any rules! I've been having an issue transmitting on a particular TDMA/FDMA DDM enabled Talkgroup. - CH 1 and CH 2 are under a single personality as two different talkgroups. We'll refer to CH 1 as "LMR" and CH 2 as...
  7. M

    Why LTE will replace LMR for public safety - Urgent Communications article

    Why LTE will replace LMR for public safety - Urgent Communications article A groundswell has emerged in support of the notion that provisioning mission-critical voice to first responders over broadband networks is a fait accompli — and that the eventual end of land-mobile radio is a certainty...
  8. N

    Part 90 VHF/UHF Narrowbanding Info

    For those involved, concerned, or interested in the FCC's Part 90 VHF/UHF narrowbanding mandate, check out the LMR Narrowbanding information and discussion group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LMR_Narrowbanding NR