1. P

    Local snowplow services?

    Does anybody know of any snowplow services in the county that I could listen to? This is just a follow-up to my last question.
  2. C

    Need knowledgeable radio folks...

    Hello, I am new to the forums. I need help scanning my local police radio if anyone will bother teaching me how. I've read the wiki and stickies but I am still not sure on how to go about. My local radio is Dobbs Ferry, New York in the Westchester County. What will I need to purchase and do...
  3. K0MSM

    Sussex County - Local PD Designations

    Hi all - I moved to Sussex County last year, and picked up a Pro-197 over the summer. Got it all programmed up, and listening to anything that's not "secure." I'm having a hard time getting all of the local PDs units in Sussex County figured out on the DSP dispatch channel. For example, I...
  4. H

    streaming of local police service scanner

    i live in london, on, canada... and i would love to get my hometown police service streamed online. if there is anyone out there who can let me know if there will be (or already is) a streaming feed
  5. k6scm

    FERC Drill @ Bullards Bar Resevoir Today 8-4

    All: Local news media announced a Federal Emergency Regulatory Commission (FERC) required "drill" to be conducted by the Yuba County Water Agency and allied agencies for a simulated dam failure. Emergency drill at Bullards Bar today | today, span, held - Local News - Appeal-Democrat Perhaps...
  6. N

    Anyone in Eau Claire, WI on RR?

    Anyone in the Chippewa Valley on RR? Anyone in the area have any unique channels to post?