lock out talkgroup id

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    BCD 396XT - how to use multiple channels???

    I recently switched from a RS96 to the BCD 396XT and I've not been able to figure out how to work the multiple channels. Right now I have county A programmed in using freescan. But I'd like to program in County B and County C. When I'm in county C area with the RS model, I could lock out county...
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    Pro-96: Able to lock-out talk group ID's?

    Hi Group. I have been offered an as-new (10 hours listening time total) Pro-96 complete setup (radio, USB-programming cable, AC adapter, Battery packs, box,etc) for a great price. I have a BCD396T and run it on the Ontario Fleetnet system. (Southern Ontario). The Uniden has the ability to...