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    WS1040: Scanner Locked Up

    I’ve had my WS1040 scanner since December and it operated flawlessly until yesterday evening when I noticed the scanner had been quiet for a while. After taking a closer look, it appeared that the scanner was scanning through the programmed frequencies very slowly, almost like it was...
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    New to the scanner world here with my little scanner. I have somehow L/O all channels and doing the unlock procedure from the manual is just not working. But the few frequencies I was able to figure out and add to the thing still will work. Help!
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    help.. GRE PSR-295 channel lockout

    ok here it is ... i have the GRE PSR-295 and when i try to scan it says 'Channels' Scan Bank 0123456789 All channles Locked out!' can anyone help me as i have no idea what i can do! many thanks!