log files

  1. teknishun

    Unitrunker not creating log files with PSR-800

    I have had Unitrunker about 3 years and I have never been able to make the logging function work. I am using a PSR-800 scanner with the USB connection to a desktop pc running Windows 7 Ultimate. I am using the current version of Unitrunker which is v I have checked the logging box on...
  2. bbrasmussen

    Unitrunker - merging logfiles with system users and groups data

    I wrote a program and a couple of batch files to take Unitrunker logfiles (which have user id numbers and group id numbers, but don't contain labels/tags that are applied and saved in the Unitrunker system.xml files) and merge user names and group name information into the logfile. It makes it...
  3. K

    Stream Live Feed Data to Website

    I've been on RR for years now, mostly just listening with the occasional forum browsing. Love the site. Finally decided to be more active and provide some feeds and play around. I'm a web developer and love to tinker with anything electronic. I like to integrate and match things that aren't...
  4. N

    Win500 logging problem

    I get the txt file created but only a single entry, always just the first one hit, despite many hits on a number of channels. Help appreciated Neil Bell