1. mike619

    Lojack close call hit

    I was wondering if when you pick up lojack with close call would that mean a vehicle is getting stolen or a stolen vehicle in the vicinity around you?
  2. matty909

    listening to lojack on a scanner

    I recently programmed the lojack frequency into my scanner and was wondering if im within receiving range of a vehicle with its lojack activated will i here a "beep" (vehicle transmitting its i.d.) for a while now i hear what sounds like a data burst which im assuming is the towers identifying...
  3. S

    LoJack hit on vehicle stolen during burglary

    Many departments (Denver, Lakewood, Westminster, etc.) were involved in a pursuit of a black Pontiac Grand Am (license: 499CJR) that was stolen during a burglary. The vehicle was occupied by a Hispanic driver eluding officers at a high rate of speed near W 67th Ave and Lowell Blvd. The last...
  4. S

    LoJack Hit Lakewood

    There was a LoJack hit today in Lakewood on a 2000 Black Jeep Cherokee. It was first heard just before 11:00 AM and recovered around noon on S Newland St near W Cornell Ave. The vehicle was stationary while the police were searching for it so was likely unoccupied when recovered. Shawn
  5. S

    LoJack hit on yellow 2016 Ford Mustang in Denver

    There was a LoJack hit (GR09T) this evening near the 4400 block of W 11th Avenue in Denver. Police located the vehicle (yellow Ford Mustang) unoccupied however the occupant was presumed to be in the area; police did take one person into custody. The best feeds for the activity were the...
  6. S

    LoJack hit near Thornton this morning

    It appears from the MNN website there was a LoJack signal this morning near Thornton. LoJack Alert LoJack Update Once activated a LoJack equipped stolen vehicle transponder (hidden inside a vehicle) begins to transmit its unique tracking signal (referred to as a reply code) on a frequency of...
  7. gcouch

    Lojack gains FCC approval in OK

    Lojack has been granted FCC approval to operate their stolen vehicle recovery program here in Oklahoma. For those of you who might be interested, here is the link to the application: http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/ApplicationSearch/applMain.jsp?applID=4531053 Also, Lojack has received...
  8. jimmnn

    Lo Jack

    Jeffco: Stolen veh with CA Plates "BunLady" from 7000 block South Alkire, loaded with skis and christmas presents. Numerous agencies now involved tracking with LoJack, latest is near 285 & Wads. O/F Lake-800, 460.425, Den-800, DTRS, Online Jim<
  9. jimmnn

    Lo Jack Found Vehicle

    Broomfield: 2007 Pickup stolen earlier today, CCPD got a low jack hit near US-85 and I-76 about an hour ago, now Adams SO getting strong lojack signals 72nd and Hooker sending more units into the area and now they have located the pickup in an apt complex. O/F DTRS Jim<