long wire antenna

  1. ai8o

    Long wire to F connector

    I have a ETON S450DLX Shortwave Radio. The MW antenna connector is a push in wire clip. No problem here, just push the end of the wire in and flip the locking lever up. I cannot figure out how to connect a long wire to be used for SW (HF) reception. The SW and FM antenna feed-points are...
  2. 4

    Long Wire Antenna for HF

    Greetings, I'm looking for advice on a long wire antenna for HF operations. I'm look at the 20 meter band as my place to start. I have a PL-259 connector and a spool of speaker wire from Radio Shack. The idea I had was to run the wire directly into the connector and then use a rope to put the...
  3. K

    Short Wave Antenna

    I'm a newbie. As such, I need to learn more about the limited equipment that I have. I own a Drake SW-4A shortwave receiver. I've grounded the radio and connected a 75 foot long wire antenna between the upper area of my chimney and a tripod based holder on the roof of an outbuilding. The...