long wire antenna

  1. K

    Unusual tower antenna ideas

    OK. I'm about to put up another tower to replace my 65ft one that rusted out. That particular tower was shunt fed effectively for 160meters, 80 meters, and also turned into a very effective wide banded J-pole for 20meters. My new tower will be free standing. My question is, has anybody used...
  2. ai8o

    Long wire to F connector

    I have a ETON S450DLX Shortwave Radio. The MW antenna connector is a push in wire clip. No problem here, just push the end of the wire in and flip the locking lever up. I cannot figure out how to connect a long wire to be used for SW (HF) reception. The SW and FM antenna feed-points are...
  3. 4

    Long Wire Antenna for HF

    Greetings, I'm looking for advice on a long wire antenna for HF operations. I'm look at the 20 meter band as my place to start. I have a PL-259 connector and a spool of speaker wire from Radio Shack. The idea I had was to run the wire directly into the connector and then use a rope to put the...
  4. K

    Short Wave Antenna

    I'm a newbie. As such, I need to learn more about the limited equipment that I have. I own a Drake SW-4A shortwave receiver. I've grounded the radio and connected a 75 foot long wire antenna between the upper area of my chimney and a tripod based holder on the roof of an outbuilding. The...