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    EF Longwire Antenna and FC40 tuner woes.

    Hi, I've decided to remove a EFHW antenna I had and put up a end fed long wire antenna attached to a FC40 tuner as I wanted to try to get 160m to 6m The tuner is right outside the window of my shack and the cable goes up 9 metres on a budget flagpole across 14 metres to a 12m Spiderbeam. The...
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    Looking for Inexpensive Antenna for AFEDRI SDR-Net Receiver

    Hello all, I am relative new to Monitoring and have only used a Grundig G3 with telescoping antenna in the past. I just received an AFEDRI SDR-net receiver and would like to build an antenna for it. I am somewhat limited in what I can put up, so I've been considering a longwire or random wire...
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    Condo longwire Antenna help

    My wife and I live in a condo and I'd like to improve my antenna setup for my SWL. I live on the top floor of a two story condo unit in the far southwest suburbs of Chicago. I have access to the attic which is built out of conventional trusses. My unit, and therefore my attic access is about...