1. NYR1122

    Uniden SDS200 Memory Loss

    Hello All, Needless to say I was very excited about getting this new scanner, however it didn't take long to find major problems with it. I first noticed after setting the time/date that after powering it off/on it would reset to Jan. 1 0:00 every time. Then I found that when pressing the...
  2. K

    Measuring line and connector loss

    Dear all I have some long lines of LMR600 of approx ~120ft for 800mhz and 150mhz monitoring,, want to be able to caclualte DB loss for antenna to the rig, rule of thumb we can say X db of loss per ft of ZZZ type of cable and add so much for each connector of ZZZ type etc, however this is still...
  3. G

    BCD996XT-Intermittent Loss of Trunked System

    After a short time successfully receiving both conventional and trunked system scans/comms, the 800MHz trunked comms fail. When the scan shifts to the trunked system, it only displays one of the 10 freqs programmed, but not hit on any comms from IDs in it's two jurisdictions. It can continue...