1. LouisvilleScanMan

    My 98 Astro Roadside Service/Search and Rescue Van

    My 98 Astro Roadside Service/Search and Rescue Van
  2. andrewyb

    LMPD Scanning

    Hi Friends, I just got a Uniden BCD396XT for christmas that allows me to jump into the world of trunk-tracking. Thanks to FreeSCAN I was able to pretty easily program by downloading data directly from RadioReference. Thank goodness for that feature. I need some advice from locals. Has MetroSafe...
  3. N

    Louisville KY LMPD

    Does anyone know what happened to the Louisville KY LMPD (Metro Police) feed? It's been gone for several weeks now and is no longer an option to select.
  4. andrewyb

    Louisville Scanning

    Dear Friends, I just recently bought a new Radio Shack Pro-164 thinking that it would allow me to hear the new metrosafe system. I just finished programming using the recommended software and I'm not hearing a thing. Will this scanner work?
  5. W

    PRO-197 + Louisville P25 - Help!

    So... I took the leap and bought a digital scanner yesterday. I went with the R/S PRO-197. I can track conventional systems like a gem. (It's actually AMAZING at it.) But... when I go to the digital side of things, thats where my problems start. I've never done the digital or trunking stuff. I'm...
  6. S

    Louisville Metro (KY) EMS Frequency Changed

    I was recently in Louisville, and my 400 MHz EMS channels were silent. I know a paramedic up there and he told me that EMS had recently changed to 800 MHz frequencies and gone digital. I don't know when/if the rest of metro government will go digital. The PD/Fire channels worked fine.
  7. W

    Digital Scanner + Attic Antenna = ??

    First off, Hi. :lol: I usually hang out in the KY forum because that's where I am. Anyways.. here's the dilemma I am in. I live in a neighborhood in eastern Louisville that will not allow any type of mast to be erected. (or anything be constructed without permission for that matter) I have...
  8. W

    Louisville Emergecy Management

    With all the crazy weather and crazy happenings lately, I have decided to create a dedicated EMA bank in my scanner. I have not went digital yet (I know... I know. Lol) so I'm struggeling to get frequiencies that actually work as most have already gone digital. So... I turn to the community...
  9. D

    Rohm & Hass trunk system?

    FCC Callsign WPZC614 Details Anyone know anything about this system? With the fire in Rubbertown this morning I thought it might be useful to load up some Rubbertown frequencies and I ran across this system. Is it still active?