low profile

  1. Joseph11

    Laird Phantom (or Similar) Antenna for 150-870 MHz?

    I am looking for a new receive only antenna for my car (NMO mount) that covers VHF high to 800 MHz. I've tried a couple different Laird Phantom antennas (490-512 MHz and 760-870 MHz models), but I haven't found one that receives that entire range reliably. The 490-512 MHz model works well with...
  2. K

    Searching for low profile mobile HF antenna

    Could anyone suggest a low profile mobile HF antenna? I am especially interested in the 39-42MHz range, but also want the antenna to be discreet. Any suggestions welcomed.
  3. A

    Low Profile Antenna's

    What are people's thoughts on low profile antenna's? I am looking at a couple different antenna's and id like to keep a slick top look to my car without a million antenna's 10 feet in the air. I'm not trying to communicate cross state, most of my communications would be limited to 25-40 miles...