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    Which Scanner To Get For My Area

    Hi, I would like to buy a scanner so that I can pick up my city, which is Lowell, MA and the surronding towns/cities including Lawrence, Methuen and most of Nashua N.H. This would mean I would need a range in between 12-16 miles. I have seen stuff like Analog, Digital, and Trunking Scanners but...
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    Lowell Fire Dept. Broadcast Host Feed

    Hi everyone, I have been the Exclusive Feed for the Lowell Fire Dept.,( Greater Lowell Area Fire ) (Only Transmitting Lowell Fire). Today I have changed the location of my antenna and I am now able to receive a much larger area. So I have changed the feed to Transmit Lowell and Tyngsboro Fire...
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    Fed Freq for Lowell MA

    Just moved to the area, anyone have any insight on what federal frequencies are active in the area? Any cool stories? I'd be interested in hearing any input.. Thanks!