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    LPE-200 Programming issue

    I have an EDACS Provoice LPE-200 as well as what I believe to be a Ribless cable (staring to doubt if its actually one) im trying to connect it with Programmer R18 & I keep getting an error '' could not initialize radio, make sure its in programming mode'' any suggestions? -The radio is in...
  2. K

    Bell County EDACS Talkgroups

    Does anyone have the DEC & AFS for LE1 and LE2?? I can not seem to remember. Please help...
  3. T

    Bell County TRS Talkgroups

    Does anyone know what the DEC & AFS is for LE1 and LE2? I do not remember what it is. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. J

    Listening to Ottawa Police : radio recommandation

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice with purchasing a radio capable of listening to Ottawa Police. It is my understanding that they are using EDACS Provoice so am thinking that either an LPE-200 or Jaguar 700p could do the job. Anyone has any experience or advice? Thanks!!
  5. C

    Prism / LPE-200 Programming Cable

    I'm in need of the programming cable for the Prism / LPE radio's. I know price is long since out of business, whom else can I purchase this from ? Thanks in advance.
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    LPE-200 for Ottawa Police

    Hi guys, First of all I want to say that I'm new to the scanner/radio world and have limited knowledge about the subject. I'v been listening to EMS/ Fire feeds online and would now like to move on to listening to Police channels. I'm located in Ottawa, ON where it seems like the Police is...
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    LPE-200 encode

    I am looking for a way to program a number of older LPE-200s to tx an identifier on PTT (don't care if it's on key press or release). I've had the radios evaluated and there is no room for cimmaron encoding board. Although these are EDACS radios, I need the identifier conventional. Does anyone...