ltr trunking

  1. N4VKF

    PRO 651 and LTR

    I have read all of the Wiki pages and I am still confused. I know I need to program an LTR trunking system with the frequencies in LCN order just as I used too with an EDACS system in my county that has been decommissioned. How do I determine what the correct LCN order is? The RR database does...
  2. k7plt

    Trunking and EVX-R70 reset/reboot (through rear MAP)

    I have submitted this question through Vertex Standard support, and am awaiting an answer, but thought I would give a shot here too. Actually 2 questions . . . 1.) I notice that Vertex supports LTR trunking through several products (ie., 420A, 2200, 450 & 4x00 series), yet they have no...
  3. Motoballa

    Dirty Secret behind LTR Passport Trunking Systems

    One thing about PassPort trunking protocol: It exposes — and overcomes — the dirty little secret among “good” dealers, “bad” dealers and their customers involving LTR systems. (Source: PassPort exposes dirty secret | content content from Urgent...