1. U

    Lyons / Cook County / Lake County

    Next week I will be spending a few days working in Lyons, IL, and staying at a hotel near Midway. I also plan to visit some family in Round Lake at some point. I have a Home Patrol 1, and a Unication G4. Main listening interest is with public safety, primarily police. Should I pack both the...
  2. Sac916

    Lyons Security Patrol

    I've searched all over but I can't find them. The truck that patrols my area has a 800/900MHz antenna and their website says they utilize two-way radio radios. Lyons Security Services,Inc :: Always on Target :: Home Page I'm hoping they're not on one of the unidentified TRS Sacramento...
  3. KSquelch

    Lyons and Rice County

    I have relatives in Rice County and they haven't been hearing any traffic on the frequencies for Lyons and Rice County. I've taken my scanner down there and I haven't heard them either. Maybe they have rebanded??? Any input would be appreciated.