1. D

    P/M1225 Squelch Settings

    Operating some 1225's inside a large concrete building. What is the difference between AND/STD and AND/OR, Local and Distance, and which are the best to use in that environment? Getting some static after letting off the key.
  2. P

    M1225 Issue

    I've come across a 4 channel M1225 (I thought the non-alpha numeric's were SM50/SM120 variants on that chassis) that I can't seem to be able to read. I'm thinking the front jack might be bad but just to be sure I should be using Ver. 3.1 of the M1225 RSS (Windows based) correct?
  3. thereverend2u2

    M1225 Programming Help Needed!

    Hello, I have one maybe two M1225 radios i would like to program myself.. Is there somewhere I can get the software and RIBLESS Cable without paying $600 to do it? I am trying to update my scanner feed with this radio but $600 is out of the question. I am in UPSTATE, NY is there anyone out...