1. chriso352

    HELP M/A-Com DSDX04 periodically beeping

    The M/A-Com DSDX04 radio at my work is periodically beeping without transmitting. It's not a steady tone, just beeps, then quits for a while, then starts up again. The radio is an older rebuilt one we use for area wide emergencies. I cannot locate the manual for it, and my local repair...
  2. K

    Orion question

    I'm not real familiar with what I received, but I have 5 mobiles. Model # D28MTX 800mHz edacs Are these P25 phase 1 compatible?
  3. T

    Harris P7170ip on P25

    Hello all, So I just sold my Home Patrol HP1 and don't have anything to listen to EDACS with now. I want to get a portable and this is the one that I am looking at M A com Harris P7100IP 800MHz Edacs Provoice P25 Conventional w Programming | eBay Here is the link to the RR database of the...
  4. K

    Harris P7300 or Motorola XTS5000

    I wanted to see everybodys opion on these radios. Take a vote on the one you like the best and tell me why you choose that radio. Do you like it becasue of the features or because its not bulky? Tell me what you think.
  5. wireless_friendly

    MutualAidSupplies - ham-friendly Harris source

    Hi all! If you need any accessories/parts & etc. for Harris/M/A-COM/Tyco/Ericsson radios, try Mutual Aid Supplies, Inc. It's just one person (Roberto, owner), but he can offer your great pricing and will deal with private persons. I spent few weeks on trying to find ham-friendly Harris source...