1. cifn2

    IFERN - CENCOM - Metro East

    Anyone else hearing Lenzburg, East Side Fire and others responding to, and contacting dispatch on IFERN 154.265? Not sure if it is a multicast, or simulcast type situation, almost sounds like a repeater that delays end of transmission compared to normal simplex communications which I thought...
  2. K

    Wisconsin IFERN and MABAS Audio

    Is there a live audio feed for IFERN and/or MABAS for Wisconsin? Milwaukee County area if there is more than one feed. Thanks
  3. S

    Does Anybody have any MABAS Box Cards?

    I Would take any specially MABAS 4. Thanks so much.
  4. F

    Run 2 Online Feeds from 1 Computer, Possible?

    Ok, So I am good with computer (Work part time as a Tech) but I just dont know if this is possible. I want to run 2 Online feeds off of 1 computer, MABAS 7 and ICOMM (IL) but dont know much about audio inputs on computers. I have not ever messed around much with audio on a computer, I just fix...