mac os x

  1. K

    Help - Listening to GQRX Audio Stream on Mac

    I have a Raspberry Pi 4B up and running great. Both CubicSDR and GQRX perform great on this unit. I want to drive it headless and have all that working but cannot find any examples of how to hear the audio stream on the Mac. I have turned it on using the Network port setting in GQRX. And have...
  2. R

    Programing software

    Hello all, I purchased my first scanner. (the Uniden BCD436HP) I was introduced to the scanner world by my uncle and he told me to get a programing software (specifically Sentinal) however I only own Apple computers and it does not seem like Sentinal will run on Mac. Does anyone know of any...
  3. C

    Working MacOS X 10.11 CHIRP config for Yaesu VX-3R

    Given the challenges many MacOS El Capitan folks have associated with getting CHIRP to program their handheld transceivers and scanner because of the requirements for Apple signed drivers and for "real" 2303 USB to serial cables, I thought I would post a configuration that I have working...
  4. D

    Quickest Way to get a HackRF up and running on OS X (El Capitan)

    This is the quickest way I've found to get the HackRF One up and running on OS X El Capitan. Most of this can be ran unattended, overnight. Just make sure that you turn off any power saving mode during the install process. It took me for ever to compile gcc5 because I kept on letting my computer...
  5. T

    Feed Provider on Mac

    Is their any software for the Mac to provide a Live audio stream to RR? Thanks
  6. T

    SDR on Mac OS 10.9

    Hello, I want to monitor P25 on a mac computer running 10.9 how can I get started?
  7. MacGnG

    BCD396XT and Mac OS X

    I just got my BCD396XT in the mail today. After a couple of hours it is set up, programmed, and working on OSX. *** Please note that you need Windows running on Mac to program it. *** I got a NEW scanner with serial cable from Amazon. I bought this Serial to USB adapter: TRENDnet...
  8. B

    New setup questions

    I would like to set up my own feed. I just want to be able to monitor my local channels, mainly the APCO P25, from my Uniden BC250D. I have a Mac. Can I get some info on where I begin? Can I monitor all channels or will it have to be just one channel? Can I feed directly to a facebook page? I...
  9. andrewyb

    Programming Pro-164 with a Mac

    I just got my brand new Pro-164 in the mail. Does anyone know of options for programming if you have a Mac and not a PC?
  10. ScanTN

    Mac OS X Multi Channel Audio Streaming

    I am looking for a software solution that I can use to stream multiple radio feeds from. Based on what I can tell Nicecast, which I'm currently using for one stream, only allows a single channel (or instance) to be broadcast. I know this is capable on the Windows side by using various software...
  11. jclarkr6

    The BCD396XT & Mac OS X Software

    Is anybody aware of whether or not there is software available for the Uniden BCD396XT that is compatible with Mac OS X (Version 10.4.11)? If so, I would appreciate it if someone could post the name of the software and possibly a link to the software. I am on the verge of ordering a BCD396XT...
  12. T

    Mac Compatibility

    I am fairly new to this forum, and looking to update my BC996t. I am not new to the whole 800 digital radio system, but am new to programming a digital scanner. I am looking at starting out with the free Uniden software to see how it is to work with programming my scanner. Can anyone tell me...