1. wallacemo1

    Ma/com kdr103-133/9 programming

    Anyone have any idea where I can obtain the manuals for the MA/COM KDR103 133/9 radios and where I can obtain the programming software for these radios. I was just given three of them from a company that is going out of business and I would like to convert them to Amateur use. Yes I am an...
  2. P

    Cable for MRK

    Hi, Im trying to program the MA/Com MRK radio. I have a 25pin DB female programming cable at the end. Would I be able to use an adapter to connect it to the back of my computer, or would I need a RIB?
  3. A

    Trusted Resources for Used EDACS equipment?

    Other than FMR Inc (which does not have our radio model in stock) does anyone know of a trusted place to get used or refurb'd P7100's model numbers: HT7150S81X, or: MAHT-S81NX or even p5100's in the 800mhz band? Batteries and chargers are not really needed since we have those coming out of our...