1. R

    Macomb County Police,EMS Fire (Provider Audio coming through)

    Not sure why. But there’s been a hot mic situation on this scanner channel. Also, not sure if through channel, porn playing or the provider and his SO, but sounded like someone doing the deed around 1am 11/16/23. Hope this gets resolved. Still happening as of 4am 11/16/23 and it’s the same...
  2. S

    TAG Deprecated ????

    The database seems to have a newer tag being used recently, it is " Deprecated" what is this tag telling me? As an example the Macomb County frequency of 460.15000 465.15000 (KQA783 123.0 PL MacombShrf 3 Sheriff [F-3] [Has moved to the MPSCS TRS]) shows Deprecated Thanks Dennis
  3. T

    new to pro-197 & MPSCS, Macomb, MI

    Hi, I'm a digital newbie so please be gentle. I'm upgrading to digital with the Pro-197 from a RS Pro-2052. I live in Macomb County, Michigan and would love to get most cities within this county. police, fire, ems, etc. I wasn't really that experienced with the 2052 but it was easy enough to...
  4. car7858

    Macomb County, MI MPCSS Alpha Tags ?'s

    I am wondering if anyone has any type of list that tells what each Alpha Tag on my Uniden BCD396XT scanner shows. Some examples are as follwing: 71F911, 902P911 ( I believe this is Chesterfield PD), 713P911, 740P911, 50P911, HVADS, 722P911, 360P911, 765P911, 50PD911, 502F911, and 50RMPD (I...