1. S

    TAG Deprecated ????

    The database seems to have a newer tag being used recently, it is " Deprecated" what is this tag telling me? As an example the Macomb County frequency of 460.15000 465.15000 (KQA783 123.0 PL MacombShrf 3 Sheriff [F-3] [Has moved to the MPSCS TRS]) shows Deprecated Thanks Dennis
  2. T

    new to pro-197 & MPSCS, Macomb, MI

    Hi, I'm a digital newbie so please be gentle. I'm upgrading to digital with the Pro-197 from a RS Pro-2052. I live in Macomb County, Michigan and would love to get most cities within this county. police, fire, ems, etc. I wasn't really that experienced with the 2052 but it was easy enough to...
  3. car7858

    Macomb County, MI MPCSS Alpha Tags ?'s

    I am wondering if anyone has any type of list that tells what each Alpha Tag on my Uniden BCD396XT scanner shows. Some examples are as follwing: 71F911, 902P911 ( I believe this is Chesterfield PD), 713P911, 740P911, 50P911, HVADS, 722P911, 360P911, 765P911, 50PD911, 502F911, and 50RMPD (I...