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    Madison Medflight Helicopter comms?

    I have a puzzle. In the past I listened on 463.175 MHz, the Madison Medflight repeater, and heard both side of the conversation. Lately, I just hear the base station and despite listening on the output or input (468.175 MHz), I have not heard the helicopter side of the conversation? Anyone...
  2. K

    Cannot find the 5th channel for Madison (Site 28)

    Hello Everyone! I have been working on getting some Software Defined Radios set up to monitor the Madison repeater for the state system. I have it working, but it seems that I am missing a channel. Four of the five channels are active, but one of the most active channels does not seem to appear...
  3. A

    North Madison, Lake County marcs

    I noticed on the MARCS:IP site map that there are partner sites all over the place. My question is, 1. what are they and are they used and tied into the main lake co. simulcast 2. If so, has anyone come across the freq. for them? I noticed they are not on the database. If no one has come...
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    Madison Police

    Does anyone know what happened to the Madison Police Department feed? I see UW and Madison combined but that does not cover the West Side. Thanks
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    Madison/UW offline

    Just wonder if anyone knows if Madison PD stream will be going offline every day? I have noticed UW Madison Police has been down for about a week. I miss it!!
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    New communication system to link bi-state emergency services

    A nearly $10 million communication system will link Illinois and Missouri police departments allowing emergency response workers to talk to each other with more ease and create a communication system unlike anything else in the country. The St. Louis Regional Digital Microwave System, a...