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    Radio Compatibility

    Hello there I am wanting to find out if mototrbo radios from Motorola solutions can work with a Hytera dmr radio system in particular the Bd502i radio product line. Also will the mag one from Motorola work with Hytera system if so is there anymore business' radios from Motorola that can work...
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    BPR40 Speaker Mic Question

    I am a regular volunteer at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and we use BPR40 UHF radios. I was thinking about getting me my own speaker mic to make radio use more convenient. I came across a website(I can no longer find) that listed various models of mics that would work with that radio. I...
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    Software for a Motorola Mag One BPR40

    Was wanting to know if I could get some assistance in "obtaining" the programming software for a Motorola Mag-One BPR40 Radio (AAH84KDS8AA1AN) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, David, KC5RHB Contact me at: