1. AK4FD

    Magnetic mount antenna??

    Hey guys I have a question. I have the new Uniden BCD536HP scanner base unit for my house. I'm using the antenna it came with that screws into the back of the unit. However the way my house is positioned my reception on a UHF 453 frequency sucks when it SHOULD be crystal clear where I'm at...
  2. S

    Mount Yagi Antenna on Car Roof

    Hi everyone, Anyone have any ideas on where I could purchase some type of magnetic mount/ device which could hold or includes a short pole to mount a yagi antenna on top of a car? (Don't worry- the car will not be moving!) The yagi antenna itself is only 18 inches. I have searched high and...
  3. JamesPrine

    Standard SS 102-inch whip - spring or no?

    Hello all! I just bought a brand-new Uniden PRO538W CB transceiver from a colleague; he threw in a still-in-the-shipping-tube 102-inch stainless steel whip antenna from Radio Shack. Not a bad deal for $30 total...seems he bought this stuff on an impulse and his wife freaked, hence the quicky...