1. O

    Help Tuning Up a Vintage CB Radio

    Hi. On a whim, I bought a vintage CB radio, a Realistic CB-Fone 23. To my delight, it works! I can hear its signal clearly when testing with other radios. However, the signal is scratchier when receiving from other radios. Can someone provide 1) a way to troubleshoot and resolve this, and 2) a...
  2. BCasto

    FCC DB Maintenance schedule

    What is the schedule to update the FCC DB? I see the message it is down for maintenance and to try later. Is there a regular schedule for updates and DB maintenance?
  3. M

    Toowoomba Feed

    Hi does anyone know why the Toowoomba feed has been deleted?? I am being told it is only down for maintenance. Can anyone tell me what is happening with the Toowoomba feed??? I have family in Toowoomba and since they have severe storms regularly I would like to keep up to date. Please can anyone...
  4. L

    Lee County/Ft Myers

    It's Tuesday, 5/18 and I've been having problems getting a feed from the Lee County/Ft Myers site. What's up? Tried via my iPhone app and this online site too. Same result. Thanks for your feedback.