1. BCasto

    FCC DB Maintenance schedule

    What is the schedule to update the FCC DB? I see the message it is down for maintenance and to try later. Is there a regular schedule for updates and DB maintenance?
  2. M

    Toowoomba Feed

    Hi does anyone know why the Toowoomba feed has been deleted?? I am being told it is only down for maintenance. Can anyone tell me what is happening with the Toowoomba feed??? I have family in Toowoomba and since they have severe storms regularly I would like to keep up to date. Please can anyone...
  3. L

    Lee County/Ft Myers

    It's Tuesday, 5/18 and I've been having problems getting a feed from the Lee County/Ft Myers site. What's up? Tried via my iPhone app and this online site too. Same result. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. newsphotog

    Taking care of black cars

    Me and my black Impala are entering marriage counseling. I've had this car for two years and it's seen its fair share of dings, dents, and chips. I take the task of maintaining my car very seriously. I like it to look good and I want it to have good resale value. So it's frustrating to say the...