1. WX9RLT

    Another shooting victim at Rockford Mall

    Another shooting person shot at Rockford mall One person shot at a Rockford mall, still developing | Rockford Scanner 2nd shooting incident at the mall within weeks
  2. murrayustud

    Crabtree Valley Mall now P25 UHF?

    I've been listening to Crabtree Valley Mall (Raleigh) for years now but now on their frequency (464.050) but now I hear a digital sound on this channel much like if one were listening to digital viper TG on an analog scanner. Can anyone confirm this? And if so would a Motorola XTS P25 portable...
  3. MichaelBass91

    Large fire in eastern Iowa

    There is a large fire burning at the Coraville mall strip. The tire business is completely engulfed, 6 other businesses on fire. Utilities have been shut off. 7 Fire departments on seen (10-23), have been on seen for 2 hours. Linn, Johnson, Jones, Cedar counties Sheriff, Police, Fire, and EMS...
  4. C

    Sephora 467.925 DCS412

    A new Sephora store opened at the Champaign, IL mall. I found them using 467.925 DCS412. This is a new freq/tone combo for Sephora. I've seen them listed online using the following at other malls: 461.1125 DCS412 **most commonly used 467.7625 DCS412 464.5500 DCS412 461.0875 DCS466
  5. kb9akp

    SouthPark Mall Freqs?

    I was looking for security/ops frequencies for the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte and can't seem to find anything. Anyone know what freqs they use? Thanks, Zeke